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Step into SneakPeekLuxury a sneaker boutique store that carries high end items ranging from sneakers, streetwear, and all of your luxury needs! In this urban oasis of opulence, every shoe tells a story, and every step is a statement. Our shelves are filled with exclusivity, where limited editions and sought-after grails find their forever home. From timeless classics to futuristic marvels, SneakPeekLuxury curates a collection for any type of sneakerhead.

But it’s not just about the shoes—it’s about the journey. Our staff welcome you with warm smiles and vast sneaker knowledge with the desire to elevate your sneaker shopping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or taking your first stride into sneaker culture, our team is here to assist in your journey.

Stop by any day of the week as were open everyday 11-6 and we are located in downtown Miami. We’re here not to only serve as your source for sneakers, but to form bonds with the community through the shared passion of sneakers and streetwear! We also buy everyday new and used and are happy to offer our clients free legit checks at any time!